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What You’ll Get From This Course

  • Learn how to stand out to recruiters and be workforce ready
  • Develop the 6 most in demand soft skills employers want and you will need to succeed on the job
  • Earn a micro-credential and give your resume a boost
  • Learn how to find your PURPOSE and bring it to your job
  • Build your confidence, communication skills, and social savvy, and learn tools to manage stress
  • Meet other students and expand your social network
  • Learn how to ace your job interview
  • Gain access to paid micro-internships (US based students)

“By far one of the best programs I’ve ever taken”

~ Sabrina D., MBA Student, McMaster University

Why You Need Soft Skills:

“Of employers say that soft skills play a critical role in their hiring decisions.”

~ ZipRecruiter, The Job Market Outlook for Grads 2022

“Of recruiters have passed on a hire due to a lack of soft skills.”

~ 2023 LinkedIn Talent Solutions

“8 out of 10 Skills Needed for the Future Workforce are Soft Skills”

~ World Economic Forum

Course Features

  • Course combines personal and professional development with student health & wellbeing
  • 12 Self-Paced Workshops broken into 93 bite size modules
  • Exercise skills with other students in teams and in pairs
  • Engaging, practical content that’s easy to learn and apply
  • Receive free Guide on how to “10X Your Odds of Landing Your Dream Job”

“Because I’ve taken Success GPS, I now have an advantage over other students and professionals…especially those who want to be in positions of leadership. I have the key to be successful when I go for the job interview, the networking event, that first meeting. I know what to do. I’m ready!”

~ Gouri Misra, University Student, Toronto Film School

Course Instructors

Elan Divon

President & CEO of Divon Academy; Author, Speaker, and Education Entrepreneur

Dr. Kira Banks

Psychology Professor at St. Louis University, Global Expert on Equity & Inclusion, and Co-Founder of the Institute for Healing Justice and Equity

Mark Bowden

World Renowned Communication Expert, Keynote Speaker and Best Selling Author

How It Works:


Course launches July 17 with first LIVE recap-session July 19

Take the Course

Self-paced course with new workshop released every week. Join live weekly recap sessions to ask questions, deepen your learning, and build your network

Apply Skills

Apply the skills you learn in small groups online, on campus or on the job

Micro Credential

Earn a micro-credential at the end of the program and boost your resume

Paid Internships

Apply to paid micro-internships via Divon Academy’s network of corporate partners

Take Action

Give yourself a competitive advantage and certify your career readiness!

* Discount Price: $245 $1599 (for a limited time!)

Sample Course Videos

“I just want to say THANK YOU so much for the program. It was amazing!! I’ve started to tell people about how powerful it was and that they need to experience it themselves. Thank you so much, what you do has a huge impact on people and how they live their personal and professional lives..”

~ Natalie Camargo, Business Development, New Haven Mortgage

Course Breakdown

1. Road Map for Success

2. Finding Purpose

3. Make Stress Your Superpower

4. Developing High Performance Habits

5. Mindset Masterclass

6. EQ 101 & Conflict Management

7. Building Better Relationships and Growing Your Network

8. Standing Out Through Storytelling

9. Deliver Your Genius Presentation or Pitch: Confident Communication Skills

10. The Art & Science of Influence and Persuasion

11. Equity & Inclusion (Part 2)

12. Equity & Inclusion

What Students & Professionals Say

“This program had a resounding impact on my life!

~ Jexler A.

College Student, Vancouver

“Honestly this was such an inspiring program, thank you so much, please keep coming back!”

~ Siddharth M.

MBA student McMaster University

Case Study: McMaster University

From a cohort of 180 MBA students taking Success GPS workshops:

Felt the program improved their onboarding experience & work readiness

Recommended including the workshops in next year’s onboarding experience

Said it equipped them with practical tools for success in the workforce

“Divon Academy’s workshops were invaluable to our students. They covered career and life skills that colleges and universities do not address enough. Students learned how to improve their time management skills and alleviate stress, but also how to stand out to employers, build stronger relationships, and enter the workforce with the right mindset. Highly recommended.”

~ Professor D. J. Tanaka, Faculty, Santa Monica College

“I just wanted to personally thank you for delivering these workshops! I was so touched by them, I’m not exactly sure how to put into words how impactful they were for me; I got some gems to carry with me in my professional growth journey especially the one about stress.”

~ Rousselle Banza, New Haven Mortgage

Case Study: Meet Shira

Student & Assistant Publisher, Holr Magazine (Age 26)

Goal: Shira’s goal was to be promoted. She wanted to be identified as a leader and someone who ‘gets things done.’

Challenge: Shira struggled at work and felt stuck. She feared messing up, lacked confidence, felt uncomfortable asking for help and shame for “not having it together”.

Success GPS helped Shira tackle her challenges: “With Success GPS, I was able to break down a lot of internal barriers that prevented me from being recognized at work. My boss and my coworkers started recognizing the changes in my being more calm & confident. Not only was it acknowledged, praised and rewarded but I even got a raise and a promotion. People are now answering to me! I honestly don’t think I could have achieved that without Success GPS.” ~ Shira Karney

“Being a part of Success GPS changed me as a person. It’s made me feel more comfortable talking to other people and handling stress and uncomfortable situations. This program also helped me realize who I want to be and what I want to do with my life; it made me open up to other people, and it made me realize that being different is a good thing… Now I feel ready and prepared for anything!”

~ Sawson B., High School Graduate, Vancouver

“If I had to sum up Success GPS in 3 words it would be powerful, inspiring and insightful. I feel a lot more prepared as a result of the program, I know a lot more about myself and the business world, I wake up every day happy. I’m ready. I’m ready to go!”

~ Adam Belmabkhout, Cinematographer and Film School graduate

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