Preparing Future Leaders for the Workforce

Give Your Students an Edge

In the aftermath of COVID-19, “College grads face one of the bleakest job markets in history”.

Your students will therefore need more than a degree to stand out and find employment. They will need soft skills like resilience, adaptability, communication and emotional intelligence; skills which represent the #1 commodity in the workforce today.

Join the growing list of institutions offering students soft skills training to prepare them for the workforce.

Single Workshops

Single one-hour presentations,
and two-hour “power-shops”

Topics include:

  • Success Strategy
  • Purpose & Engagement
  • Stress Management
  • Mindset
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • The Art of Public Speaking

Learning Journeys

Help your students develop strength in major soft skills areas while improving their college experience, and career readiness.

Packages include:

  • Leadership & Success
  • Stress Management
  • Mindset
  • Emotional Intelligence

Success GPS

Join the growing list of institutions offering their students a ‘soft skills certificate’ to supplement their degree and future proof their careers.

Over the course of 7 workshops, your students will learn all the soft skills they need to stand out, land a job, and be ready for their next chapter.

Praise from Happy Staff and Students

“By far one of the best presenters I’ve seen! Thank you for sharing your expertise and experience, and for setting us all on a strong foot to start our MBA journeys!”

Sabrina De Stasio, MBA Student, McMaster University

“Honestly this was such an inspiring presentation, thank you so much, please keep coming back!”

Siddharth Manda, MBA student McMaster University

“Because I’ve taken the program, I’ve changed my mindset and have gone from a 40 to an 85 in terms of my motivation and energy levels. I feel that now I have an advantage over other students and professionals especially those who want to be in positions of leadership. I have the key to be successful. I know what to do. I have the magic potion!”

Gouri Misra, Student, Toronto Film School

“Thank you for your amazing presentation, it was a highlight of the onboarding week!”

– Laura Perilli, MBA student McMaster University