Success GPS
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Success GPS

Success GPS is a professional development & leadership building program that equips young talent with 6 essential skills that companies want and professionals need to be successful in today’s workforce.

These include: Critical thinking, communication, collaboration, proactivity & resilience, interpersonal skills, and time, stress & resource management.

The program is delivered over 9 x 90-minute workshops and tailored to your company’s schedule and work-flow. All workshops are interactive and involve group discussion Q & A, breakout sessions, and take-home exercises.

What makes the program unique?
Success GPS combines personal and professional development with mental health and wellbeing to address the unique challenges and needs of young talent as they transition into the workforce. This is complimented by the programs ‘learning by doing’ approach, and emphasis on community building, peer support, and mindset cultivation.

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With Success GPS, I was able to break down a lot of internal barriers that prevented me from being recognized at work. My boss and my coworkers started recognizing the changes in my being calmer & confident. Not only was it acknowledged, praised and rewarded but I even got a raise and a promotion to the top part of the company. People are now answering to me! I honestly don’t think I could have achieved that without Success GPS.

- Shira, Assistant Publisher, Holr Magazine

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