A New Generation Needs
A New Kind of Training

Having trouble finding young talent who can perform, communicate, and meet your expectations?

Introducing Success GPS

A first-ever training solution that combines the most in-demand soft skills young talent needs into a single learning journey. From DEI and communication skills to collaboration, stress management, and interpersonal skills, this all-in-one solution will upgrade your young talent’s professionalism and performance.

** Frequently used to enhance onboarding, professional development, and first time management training. **

☑ 15 classes with 70+ engaging videos & modules
☑ Built in quizzes and exercises
☑ Asynchronous with hybrid option available
☑ Micro-credential available upon course completion

Course Benefits

✓ Build a pipeline of emerging leaders
✓ Improve young talent engagement and retention
✓ Invest in your team’s mental health & wellbeing
✓ Boost your team’s cohesion & collaboration by up to 63%

Skills Learned Include

✓ Communication and presentation skills
✓ Resilience, work ethic and problem solving
✓ Collaboration and Interpersonal skills
✓ Equity, diversity and inclusion
✓ Time & Stress management
✓ Professionalism and high performance habits

Don’t Give Your Young Talent a Reason to Leave!

“Opportunities to learn and develop new skills is the MOST important factor for young talent (18-34) when considering a new job opportunity.” ~ Linkedin 2023 Workplace Learning Report


Small Groups
$220 per user / year
(5 to 10 users)
- Asynchronous with hybrid option available
- 15 classes with over 70 engaging videos and modules
- Built in quizzes and exercises
- minutes.
- Analytics and user adoption reports.
$180 per user / year
(11 to 49 users)
- Includes all features of Business Plan plus:
- Complimentary 60 minute consultation to discuss your young talent needs
- Directors manual for managers to engage the team on learning.
$145 per user per year
(50-99 users)
- Complimentary 60 minute consultation to discuss young talent needs
- Complimentary 90 minute live workshop or presentation to launch course
- 3 hours of complimentary live group coaching and mentorship
- Advanced insights and analytics
- Tailored pre and post program evaluation
- Access to complimentary live events and presentations throughout the year
100+ users
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What’s Different About this Program?

Quality vs. Quantity

You can give your team access to thousands of videos they will never watch and that don’t align with their upskilling needs OR You can give them access to hand-picked content and tools that are highly relevant and focused on their soft skills gaps.

All Talent vs. Young Talent:

Other platforms offer content for all ages and levels of seniority.
We focus on young professionals. The content is tailored to the needs, learning style, and age and stage of your young talent. Period.

Structured vs Smorgasbord

Most learning providers offer a wide range of content; from technical skills and coding, to things like creative design and stress management. Our content is focused on soft skills and structured into a single, cohesive learning journey.

The Human Touch:

We still believe in live human interaction and facilitation. Where your schedule permits (and based on your membership plan), our world class coaches and instructors will be able to provide live personal and group coaching as well as presentations.