A New Generation Needs
A New Kind of Training

Introducing Success GPS: The most comprehensive professional development and upskilling solution for today’s young and emerging talent

What’s All the Hype About?

Success GPS combines the most in demand soft skills young talent needs into a single course that addresses professional AND personal development with employee wellbeing. From DEI and communication skills to collaboration, stress and conflict management, this all-in-one training solution will upgrade your talent’s performance and equip them with tools to thrive and perform at a higher level.

What’s Included in the Course

12 classes with 93 engaging videos & modules
Built in quizzes and exercises
Asynchronous with hybrid option available
Micro-credential available upon course completion

Course Benefits

Build a pipeline of emerging leaders
Improve young talent engagement and retention
Invest in your team’s mental health & wellbeing
Boost your team’s cohesion by up to 63%

Skills Learned Include

Communication & presentation skills
Resilience, work ethic and problem solving
Professionalism and high performance habits
Time & Stress management
Equity, diversity and inclusion
Collaboration and Interpersonal skills

Don’t Lose Your Top Talent!

“Opportunities to learn and develop new skills is the MOST important factor for young talent (18-34) when considering a new job opportunity.”
~ Linkedin 2023 Workplace Learning Report




Per User / Year

(2-9 users)

15 classes with 93 engaging videos and modules

Built in quizzes and exercises

Analytics and user adoption reports.

Track learning hours and course completions

Manage and send invitations

Send custom communications

Hybrid option available with live coaching



Per User / Year

(10-29 users)

Access all ‘Groups’ benefits plus:

Complimentary 60 minute consultation to discuss your young talent needs

Directors manual for managers to engage the team on learning.

Branded learning home page available (with added cost)



Per User / Year

(30-99 users)

Access all ‘Teams’ benefits plus:

Complimentary 90 minute live workshop or presentation to launch course

2 hours of complimentary live group coaching or live workshop tailored to your needs

Free branded learning home page

Advanced insights and analytics

Tailored pre and post program evaluation

Access to complimentary live events and presentations throughout the year


Contact Us

(100+ users)

Tailor a learning solution for your company’s needs

Why this Program is Different

Save Time. Get What You Need:

Browsing through thousands of courses to figure out what you want is inconvenient and time consuming. We’ve therefore curated for you a custom L&D program focused on the essential skills your young talent needs and your company wants.

All Talent vs. Young Talent:

Other platforms offer content for all ages and levels of seniority. We focus on young professionals. The content is tailored to the needs, learning style, and life stage of your young talent. Period.

The Human Touch:

Let’s face it, nothing beats live human interaction. When your schedule permits, our world class instructors are here to offer live individual or group coaching sessions and workshops to support learning integration, answer questions and support skills practice in real time.

Course Instructors

Elan Divon

President & CEO of Divon Academy; Author, Speaker, and Global Professional Development Leader

Dr. Kira Banks

Psychology Professor at St. Louis University, Global Expert on Equity & Inclusion, and Co-Founder of the Institute for Healing Justice and Equity

Mark Bowden

World Renowned Communication Expert, Keynote Speaker and Best Selling Author

Course Breakdown

1. Road Map for Success

2. Finding Purpose & Bringing it to Your Job

3. Make Stress Your Superpower

4. Developing High Performance Habits

5. Mindset Masterclass

6. EQ 101 & Conflict Management

7. Building Better Client Relationships and Teams

8. Standing Out Through Storytelling

9. Deliver Your Genius Presentation or Pitch: Confident Communication Skills

10. The Art & Science of Influence and Persuasion

11. Equity & Inclusion (Part 2)

12. Equity & Inclusion

Discover the Leading Young Talent Professional Development Solution

Learn how Success GPS can be integrated as:

Part of your onboarding experience

As an extension of your L&D strategy

As a first-time manage training solution

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