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A Road Map for Success in 60 Minutes

If ever a year demonstrated the importance of having a coherent strategy to counter the unexpected, it was 2020. In this groundbreaking workshop, students will discover a proven strategy to accelerate their careers as they learn about the three biggest predictors of success and how to develop strength and capacity in these areas. Students will leave this workshop with an understanding of how to stand out, impress employers, and surge ahead of the competition.

Career Purpose 101: Helping Students Find Their True North

One of the biggest challenges facing students today is finding their path and figuring out their ‘purpose’. With the constant bombardment of social media, parental pressure, and technological disruption, it’s becoming harder for students to find the signal in the noise and discover their voice and vocational direction. This workshop will ease the pressure by equipping students with a road map to chart their path and unlock their signature strengths while bringing a deeper sense of meaning to whatever job or task they assume.

Turning Student Stress into Success: From Theory to Practice

Stress is the #1 issue impacting students’ academic performance and wellbeing, as well as the mental health of your faculty and staff who are burdened by the surging demands. This workshop will ease the pressure and significantly improve your students’ college experience. Students will not only learn effective tools to minimize stress and elevate their tolerance of pressure and discomfort, but will also gain a support system to aid them in the process. Students will then participate in a ’21-day habit challenge’ that turns ideas learned into daily action that builds better habits, reduces stress, and creates community.

The Mindset Masterclass: Future-Proofing Students for the Workforce

The most successful people on the planet didn’t have great resources, but they had tremendous resourcefulness. They had a mindset that has been proven to enhance a student’s academic outcomes, wellbeing, and future success. In this inspiring workshop, students will learn how to develop such a mindset. They will learn how to navigate change, be more resilient in the face of adversity, and take initiative and be proactive in pursuit of their goals.  Students will also learn how to identify limiting beliefs and redefine their relationship with ‘failure’, while learning to see problems from multiple perspectives. Armed with this insight, students will gain skills that will help them manage stress, elevate their performance, and ready themselves for the workforce.

The EQ Master Class: Investing in the #1 Predictor of Student Success & Wellbeing

“EQ is the single best predictor of performance in the workplace and the strongest driver of leadership and personal excellence.” In this powerful workshop your students will gain an EQ edge that will bolster their campus experience and career preparedness, and help them land their next job or internship. Students will leave the workshop with a greater ability to manage their emotions, make an impression on recruiters, and build a network that will become their greatest asset moving forward.

Standing Out Through Storytelling: Helping Students Influence and Make an Impression

Storytelling skills are no longer just for the college debate team. In an era of information overload, the power of storytelling will help your students stand out from the crowd and be more effective at conveying ideas and making an impression on recruiters and hiring managers. In this workshop, students will learn the basics of storytelling and how to answer the proverbial question - ‘tell me about yourself’ - so they can influence others and build deeper connections with their interlocutors.

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