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A Road Map for Success in 60 Minutes

If ever a year demonstrated the importance of having a coherent strategy to counter the unexpected, it was 2020. In this groundbreaking workshop, employees will learn the fundamentals of high performance as they learn how to manage stress, discover the three biggest predictors of success, and develop a winning strategy for their professional and personal development.

From Paycheck to Purpose: Getting Your Employees to Go ‘All In’

How do you get your employees to go ‘all in’ for you and remain engaged, focused, and committed to their jobs? How do you draw upon their extra reserve of ‘discretionary energy’? This exciting workshop takes a deep dive to reveal the science and wisdom behind human motivation and performance. Employees will leave the workshop with an understanding of how their personal values and goals align with the values, vision and mission of your company, and with a renewed commitment to their customers and teams that is driven by a desire to serve.

Turning Stress into Success: Discover What’s Possible!

Companies lose billions of dollars annually due to stressed out employees. For managers, having workers who can handle stress and pressure isn’t merely a fringe benefit – it’s a necessity that can make-or-break your bottom line and define your corporate culture. This evidence-based workshop will give your employees the tools they need to minimize stress, and leverage stress into higher performance, greater wellbeing, and job satisfaction. Employees will leave the workshop with a habit plan and a ’21-day team challenge’ that will turn ideas into action and lived reality.

The Mindset Masterclass: Unlock Your Employees Productivity and Potential

The power of a positive mindset has been proven to increase employee productivity, creativity, and engagement. This Mindset Master Class will help your employees parlay the power of positivity to your company’s competitive advantage. By having a more resourceful, proactive, and resilient staff, your company can reap the rewards of high performance and build a culture where failure is not an option and excellence is the expectation.

The EQ Master Class: Harnessing Emotions to Connect, Influence and Win

“EQ is the single best predictor of performance in the workplace, and the strongest driver of leadership and personal excellence.”
This workshop will propel your company’s personnel into the highly coveted subset who know how to manage their emotions, respond appropriately to difficult situations, and connect with clients, customers and colleagues alike. By training your staff to build rapport and be better listeners and influencers, you’ll be making an investment that will pay dividends now and for years to come.

The Art of Public Speaking and Communication Masterclass

In this highly interactive workshop, you will learn the critical success factors of delivering a clear and engaging presentation. It all begins by understanding what it means to be a good communicator, and what verbal and non-verbal elements will impact your audience. Armed with this knowledge, you'll be prepared for any speech. You will leave the workshop a more confident and dynamic communicator, better able to connect with and influence customers, prospects and colleagues.

The Virtual Communication Masterclass

For the time being, we are all being asked to step up to the computer screen and deliver. This new normal has new demands, and the good news is, there are concrete skills and techniques that will make you a more effective communicator online. In this class you will learn the best practices of virtual delivery and engagement, guaranteeing that your audience will pay rapt attention to you and your message. Whether you are in a team meeting or speaking with a client or customer, you’ll learn how to inform, persuade, and communicate your message while engaging your audience in a collaborative way.

Stand Out through Storytelling: Helping Employees Become Better Brand Ambassadors

Remember how Steve Jobs would hold his audience enthralled by revealing the big unveil at the end of each keynote address by declaring, “But there’s one more thing….”? Being able to tell a story and keep people engaged is a crucial -- and often overlooked – aspect of professional performance and success. This workshop will show your staff how stories can be a highly effective tool for communicating ideas, connecting with clients, and making a memorable first impression.

Part I: Who Knows How to Create Ideas, Wins!

The number one skill that employees are interviewing for today is creativity. Why? Because an organization that wants to succeed and stand out must plant the seeds of a flourishing creative culture. In this workshop, you will begin to access your creativity and the creative process, in order to solve the problems that organizations of all types will be facing, especially now. And don’t say you are not a creative person. Everyone has creativity - this workshop will show that you do.

Part II: Ideas to Action: The Art of Creative Team Work

You’re now done listening and you will be at the center of this active workshop while assembled into creative teams. Before you come to class, you will determine, as a group, a specific problem or work-related challenge you are facing and want to solve, break-through, or improve. You will use the Undulating Space methodology and all you were taught in Part-I to bring new ideas and creating thinking to the problem. You will present your ideas to the group and your workshop leader will use a gentle critiquing methodology to bring your ideas to a higher level.

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